Getting breast cancer under control

Hercules develops innovative drugs for advanced stages of breast cancer. The company is based on the ground-breaking research of Prof. Dr. David Sherr (Boston University, USA). His research focuses on the role of environmental pollutants in the development of breast cancer. The aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) plays a crucial role in this process.

This receptor can be activated by a number of common environmental pollutants and can result in the malignant transformation of cells and enhanced metastasis. Furthermore, the AhR plays
an important role in cancer progression even in the absence of environmental chemicals. Dave’s team identified several potential drugs that modulate AhR activity and thereby reduce tumor
metastasis and increase breast cancer responses to standard chemotherapeutics. Hercules has targeted these novel, non-toxic compounds for treatment of advanced breast cancer, particularly those cancers refractory to growth factor receptor-based therapeutics, with a projected improvement in efficacy and safety over currently marketed therapeutics.